The Art Of Being Busy (Or Why Tornados Spin)




In my last post I talked about the phenomenon of the Human Tornado (Chaos Theory And The Human Tornado) – those people whose world is filled with chaos, with noise and drama.

Whose life seems to be an unrelenting pattern of lurching from one dramatic crisis to the next.


It’s provoked a lot of discussion from people. Most claim to know a spinner or two. Some of us are even brave enough to admit to being one, or at least to having been one at some point in our journey.


So, what is it that creates a Human Tornado and what sustains them?


We live in a world of Busy.

Busy has become the norm.

Busy has become a societal expectation.

If you are not Busy then you are not “getting anywhere.”

Busy becomes the standard by which we measure our worth.

Busy is also quite addictive… gives us a buzz.


Human Tornados take Busy up to the next level.


Human Tornados become addicted to Chaos.

They run on adrenaline, the thrill of the theatre of it all.

Drama injects their life with the high of playing the lead role- the attention they receive and the resultant sense of importance that comes with that.

The more chaos they create, the more important they feel.


Chaos becomes so important that it actually becomes part of the Human Tornado’s identity….and they feel totally lost without it.

Chaos also has another benefit….and it’s one Human Tornados are most reluctant to consider…


Chaos keeps us busy thinking – thinking of ways to solve our problems, thinking about how important our problems are, thinking about how to get help to solve our problems, thinking about the “what if” if we don’t solve our problems….


Thinking has an important function: thinking stops us from feeling.


Thinking overrides, thinking analyses, it searches for logic…and when we become so busy thinking there is no time or space to be with our feelings….and that’s just how Tornados like it.

That’s why Tornados panic when things start to die down.

What looms ahead is stillness and in stillness there is no outside stimulation.

Nothing to distract us.

Nothing to divert us away from ourselves.

There is nothing outside to focus our attention on….so we have to look inside…and that involves feeling…


Feeling can be scary.

Feeling can be confronting.

Feeling can be painful.


So many of us are not comfortable being with ourselves, of becoming still.

If we stop and feel we may have to acknowledge that we are actually not happy, not content.

That we yearn for more from life…


Feeling may also mean that we have to deal with the past- the emotions that we’ve managed to spin down, to conceal below the surface with the busy-ness of thinking.

To finally face up to the things that constant motion has kept us from.


Of course these things always present themselves somewhere along the line but many of us like to pretend that they won’t….


No wonder so many Human Tornados choose to continue to spin….


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