Are you Finite Or Infinite?

William Blake



We create our world and “who we are” through thinking.

There are two types of thinking – finite and infinite.

One is the thinking of limitation.

The other is the thinking of possibility….


We think our reality – we have beliefs and understandings around how the world works, how things are, how we see ourselves, how we think others see us and what our role in the world is. We have firm ideas about what is changeable and what is out of our hands.


Finite thinking is easy and familiar. It should be, after all, we’re trained to do it from birth.

When we think finitely we limit ourselves to what we know, what we are comfortable with and what we can logically understand.

Finite thinking fools us into believing we’re safe and secure by keeping us spoon-fed with what is trusted and true. It is structured by what is known, can be proven and is a fact.

It keeps us enclosed, encapsulated ……and imprisoned.

Finite thinking is rooted in fear. It is generated within the mind and it is driven by an ego that is desperately afraid of failure and of losing control.

It relies on the misconception that identity and beliefs are one and the same. Therefore, it feels threatened anytime its beliefs are challenged.

It loves hiding in the edifices of rules, bureaucracy, religion, tradition, customs and self-righteousness. It speaks the language of commonly held limiting beliefs and reminds us constantly of what we are supposed to do, should do and can’t do.

It deceives us into thinking there is one right way and one right answer…. and if we don’t get it right then we must be wrong.

Finite thinking enforces its hold on us by leading us to the misbelief that our lives are governed by what others think of us.

It gives a continual running commentary of self-talk, always ready to jump in and remind us of our limitations if we should, by chance, imagine something more.

Finite thinking keeps us trapped in the private and solitary confinement of our own minds and keeps us isolated from the expansiveness and abundance that the universe has to offer.


Infinite thinking is one of expansion.

It opens us and allows us to merge into existence. It recognizes and allows connection, creativity and flow.

It involves being receptive.

It involves being awake….

Infinite thinking also requires the willingness to be vulnerable, the willingness to risk failure and judgment and the willingness to risk appearing a fool.

It may entail discomfort. It involves total trust and total presence.

It takes courage.

Thinking infinitely has no answers in mind, no interest in why and no attachment to how. It thrives on flexibility, the ability to embrace uncertainty and the willingness to relinquish control.

Infinite thinking opens us to opportunities, to coincidences and to possibilities.

An inner awareness, the internal knowing that accompanies infinite thinking comes from an intuitive feeling of aliveness, of peace, and of surrender. It is both fuelled by and a creator of positive emotions and sensations – joy, happiness, love, trust, acceptance, peace and calm – all of the things that lift us and take us on the quantum journey from doing to being.

Infinite thinking comes from a space beyond the head and beyond ego.

It occurs in a space of stillness.

It begins with the willingness to dream and to imagine without limits.

This is the infinite thinking of possibility.


And it all begins with you…



4 thoughts on “Are you Finite Or Infinite?

  1. I was watching an inspiring video last night with Bernie Siegel a surgeon who wrote Love Medicine and Miracles many yrs ago and he talked of research done on optimists and pessimists. Optimists are healthier and live longer even when what they believe isn’t correct ! It’s the expansive positive thinking that causes their body to be flooded with good hormones that makes all the difference . It’s living from love rather than fear that’s the “trick ” .

    • Bernie’s book has been a powerful tool in my journey. A pioneer of integrating mindset into medicine with the most extraordinary results! Our thinking affects every single part of our wellbeing and yet it’s often never even taken into consideration when looking at what is happening in our lives and in our world. Thanks so much for the comment Yashu :)

  2. This is fantastic …. Love is Letting Go of Fear (Gerald Jampolsky) is another wonderful book I’ve read, Yashu’s comment reminds me of, as well as more recently Anita Morjani’s Dying to be Me!

    • Thanks for the feedback Kathleen.
      I haven’t read those books yet but I will definitely check them out! Thanks for sharing :)

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