Hey Stupid! (Why Do We Resist Change?)



Hey Stupid!

Am I talking to you??

Well, maybe…..”

Are you one of those people who knows exactly what you should be doing when it comes to your own health, wellbeing and happiness….but you don’t actually do it?

One of those people who should exercise more, eat more healthily, stop worrying so much, get more sleep…


I ran into a young man I know recently.

“You look amazing!” I said.

“I should, I’ve lost 50 kilos,” he replied.

I raised an eyebrow in surprise. “How did you manage that?”

He gave me a rueful smile.

“I got diabetes….”


How often do we wait for the crisis rather than making change by choice? What is it that allows us to become essentially blind, deaf and mute when our body, our heart and our mind are shouting at us?

What allows us to block out the whispers that let us know change is due?

And why does it often require a whack over the head with a sledgehammer to finally wake us up?


We all know what we need to do to be healthy and happy. We read the books, go to the courses, watch the TV shows and the TED Talks from our comfy chairs. We get all motivated, have great intentions, buy all of the associated crap that will make us happier, healthier, thinner and much more beautiful….and then we…we….well, can’t be bothered really….yawn..

I know my health is at risk, that my habit is killing me, my lack of movement is crippling me, my relationship is suffocating me, my job is sucking me dry…..but…maybe tomorrw….

Why is it that we spend so much time, energy and emotion resisting, when the changes we could make are often quite simple, frequently pleasurable and definitely in our best interests in regard to our own wellbeing and happiness?

Why are we such a bunch of donkeys when it comes to making simple changes in our lives?


Imagine if instead of thinking about it, agonizing over it, worrying about it, punishing ourselves for it or postponing it, we instead decided to let go of our resistance and simply do it…

Now there’s a radical idea!


I have a friend who refused to stop smoking until the day she walked into the dentist’s office and was told that if she didn’t quit now  she would lose all of her teeth. “I’m vain,” she told me. She walked out of his office, threw her pack of fags in the bin and hasn’t touched one since.


I wonder what it would take for you?


As for me I’m off for a walk…

Or I would be if it wasn’t raining… :)

6 thoughts on “Hey Stupid! (Why Do We Resist Change?)

  1. Holy shit. You have been in my head the last few days (or you’re a mind reader). Sometimes things are thrown at us to make us realise that other options are available and sometimes they hurt like hell, make you feel ecstatically happy or all (and everything) in between. All in the mind, all possibilities being mapped out. But to just act, would have momentum, probably for the best possible outcome. The world has a way of showing you sometimes in a gentle way, then if you don’t get the message, maybe a health scare or (insert situation here), and if you still don’t do something about it or get it, then the messages become louder, harder and faster.
    I guess some of us have different ways of learning (or hearing) and only when we are ready, we act.

    • Yep. It’s easy to go about everyday life with our eyes shut at times…sometimes it’s simply about whatever it takes to jolt us into wakefulness!:)

  2. Wonderful post……….. Its so true how easy it is to do something when we decide to do it…..!
    Habits hey………. Im really enjoying playing with this and watching myself when I get into a bad habit and see how long it takes me to shift !

    • Yes, once we get over the battles we create inside of our own minds the actual “doing” part is often a cinch…and you’re right, awareness is the starting point… :)

    • Awwww, spoiler alert! :)
      Hi Lisa and wonderful to hear from you- hope all of that hypnosis training is being put to wonderful use?! And yes, cognitive dissonance can go a long way to explaining how we go about lying to ourselves, justifying our actions (or lack of them) and being able to know something and yet not know it all at the same time…
      It also allows us to cling tightly to those comfort zones like a 2 year-old with a favourite teddy.
      Isn’t the human mind the most clever little thing….?

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