Sh*t Happens

Oh well!

Oh well!

Sh*t happens.

To me, to you, to the stranger down the road.

Special things break, pipes leak, relationships finish, jobs end and quite often there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. There’s nothing it seems we can do to change things.

But we do have one choice. We can remain a victim of circumstance or we can let it go and get on with life….but that, of course, is much easier said than done…

Being able to practise acceptance and to acknowledge that sometimes things simply are what they are, can be a tough ask.

But, give this a go.

Write up these two simple words and whenever the poo hits the fan and you’re feeling hard done by say them out loud:

“Oh well..”

Yep, that’s it.

Shrug your shoulders as you do it, let them drop and notice what else drops away…

(If you can give a wry smile at the same time it’s even more effective!)

Then get on with something else.

Try it and see. Think of some situation you’re holding onto and say the magic words.

“Oh well…”

The change in your perception can be quite surprising.

(It can feel pretty liberating too!)

Practise just for one day and apply it to every problem, challenge or apparent disaster that occurs.

No reacting.

No buying into dramas.

No feeling sorry for yourself.

Just…..”Oh well…’


And if all this sounds far too simple…..oh well! :)

8 thoughts on “Sh*t Happens

  1. So True Telene…& whatever happens good or bad happens for a reason that you don’t know yet. .leading you to bigger & better x

  2. Hahaaaa, I love your last comment! Made me laugh… So cheeky :) the simplicity of the solution, not reacting, is so refreshing. I’ve been into the whole no drama thing lately, you just made it even easier x thanks!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Marianne….some didn’t apparently! (Would I be in more trouble if I said “Oh well” here??)
      It’s funny how addicted some people become to the whole drama thing…and how affronted they are by simple solutions.
      Being able to laugh at yourself makes life so much easier don’t you think?
      Thanks for the comment :)

    • Yes, there are times where it may not fit…but it seems quite handy most of the time! Glad you’re enjoying the posts and thanks :)

  3. Really love your posts Telene. They seem to arrive at the most appropriate times in my life!! Keep up the very inspirational work that you do – keeping us thinking & smiling!

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