Fail To Succeed

Fail To Succeed


For 35 years Diana Nyad had one goal- to swim from Cuba to Florida – a distance of over 177km through waters notorious for sharks, box jellyfish, storms and unpredictable currents.

Four times Diana had attempted the swim and failed. At 65 years of age, and on her 5th attempt Diana finally conquered the treacherous strait last week. It took 2 days and 2 nights in the water – a total of over 53 hours.


What struck me most when I read about Diana’s swim was the way she built her success on the back of her failures.

With each attempt and resultant failure, Diana strategically took what she had learned and used it to make changes and adjustments in preparation for her next endeavor. She kept what worked and changed what didn’t. Each new “failure” gave her the next pieces of the puzzle.

She essentially incorporated failure into her strategy for success.

She also refused to give up. Continue reading

An Apple Called Noodles

Source:Google Images

Source:Google Images



I used to look out of a Window.

Now I’m running free, on Safari, going OS and exploring the world.

I’ve even spotted a Firefox and a Mountain Lion!

I’ve started my own Garage Band and met Mac The Ripper…


Yes, I’ve seen the light (insert “Hallelujah Chorus” here.)

My creativity has been unleashed and I’ve entered the Brave New World (to me) of Apple Mac.

No more Dinosaurs- (Riding The Dinosaur) Steggie can retire gracefully back to the swamp…


Windows was about structure, something I had to “learn”. My left brain used to hurt. Noodles (my Mac) seems to flow, a bit like a mind-map. Now my whole brain gets to hurt!

At times Noodles makes perfect sense. At other times she makes no sense at all-a bit like my brain really. She has a bit more common sense, a lot more intuition but a lot less logical organisation (which makes it bloody hard to find where I left things….)


My desktop looks like someone vomited all over it.


Sometimes I can work Noodles out all by myself. Sometimes she tells me off with big red exclamation marks if I do something stupid. At other times I have to ring the Apple Help Desk and sob pitifully with highly technical questions. (Like: “Where’s the “off” button again??”)

They humour my cries of desperation and frustration, patting me on the head and reassuring me I’ll get better soon…..and the sooner the better!

(They preface every answer with a surprised “Gosh, no one’s ever asked that question before!”)

She’s taking time….lots of it. I’ve used up a whole year’s internet in a few weeks just doing “Tutorials For REAL Dummies.” I’m having to learn a whole new language- the language of fruit…

I spent 2 whole days trying to work out how to cut out an image. That used to take me 2 minutes. My duck keeps looking at me ‘cos he thinks I’m talking to him. It’s not actually “duck” that I’m saying- just something that rhymes with it…

Noodles does clever things amazingly- it’s the simple things that are keeping me bamboozled.

So, I’m on a learning curve- a steep one with muddy slopes.

If this post comes out upside down, back-to-front with a picture of a jellyfish driving a bus then you’ll know why- it wasn’t me, it was Noodles.

And she definitely has a mind of her own…..

One Dead Dragon

sorry, cant hear a thing

Yes, I know it’s been a week since I posted anything- put it down to the frantic end-of-year chaos that seems to hit at this time every year.

A time of finishing off one year and preparing for the next and dealing with all of the emotions that tends to elicit in people. (Plus there’s the end of year Christmas Party gatherings- just for the record- I am officially Christmas partied out!)

But, to be perfectly honest, I have actually had time to jot down a few things. The real issue has been that, after my last post ( My Pet Dragon) extolling the virtues of “Dragon”….the bloody thing died!! The very same day in fact!?

How often does that happen? You give something or someone a good rap and then they go and let you down…things like: “I’ve never had an issue with Telstra/ my car runs like a dream/ she’s always been lovely to me/ well my TV reception is perfect…” and then it bites you on the bum…Some people get so superstitious they never say good things- “ Just in case…”

I like to think that the Universe has a sense of humour, likes to keep us on our toes. In regard to me I think the message is clear:

 “Hah, thought you’d got away with it didn’t you? Thought you could be a writer and not have to learn how to type? Well I have news for you princess- suck it up and learn- no more excuses!”

So, it’s back to “Typing Tutorial 101 For Dummies” for me this summer.

Unless of course, there’s a new “Dragon” in my stocking….. :)

My Pet Dragon.

learning journey

I have a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I have it because I cannot type to save my life.

When it comes to using a keyboard my hands suddenly become cloven hooves and I develop horns of frustration. I painstakingly type with my two fingers and an hour later I have a single page… which suddenly disappears into the vast depths of cyberspace never to be seen again-simply because I sneezed at the wrong moment.

So, I bought Dragon. I talk into my microphone and Dragon types for me. (How amazing is that? It still blows me away!)

Dragon has become my best friend. I still like to write using a sharp pencil and a blank page (no authoritarian lines for my free-spirited imagination!) But Dragon helps me to turn my squiggles and sketches into something that I can share with other people.

Dragon has been living at my house for over a year now and he has gotten to know me well. He has learned how to recognise my Aussie bush accent and he now knows all of my swear words. He is also bilingual and knows quite a few aboriginal words-(he even knows aboriginal swear words- smart huh?)

So, how come I can’t type?

Well, it’s not because I wasn’t taught how. I did a whole year (that seemed more like 10 years….) of typing lessons on these amazing things called “typewriters”…(Now I’m showing my age…) The course was designed for those who were to become secretaries and office workers. Now, I knew I was never going to work in an office as I was definitely going to be a park ranger/vet/archaeologist/artist so therefore decided I had no need to learn how to type. (Yeah, yeah-so how was I to know that 20 years later everyone would have a personal computer….) As far as I was concerned there was really no need for me ever to know how to type… Not such a smart move in hindsight. :)

So, what’s the point I’m making? Well, quite often obviously, our best learning comes when we have a reason to learn. When there is a reason to know something we are more motivated and more willing to persevere and see something through, even when it’s challenging or difficult.

But, other times our valuable learning experiences come from taking the opportunities that are presented to us, even though it may not seem very relevant or useful right now. Sometimes those opportunities will lead us to places we may never have even contemplated.(I once took a course based purely on intuition- it ended up not only being life-changing personally but it became the basis for a whole new career.)

While we are learning we are growing and evolving-it is a journey of destinations we have not yet even imagined.

As for me, sometimes I look at that little certificate that I received after 12 months of daydreaming and drawing pictures and being sent outside for not paying attention….

“This certificate is awarded to Telene Clarke

 for attaining a typing speed of 13 words per minute at 100% accuracy.”