Don’t Just Sit There….



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I was born an Energiser Bunny.


You know the ad for Eveready batteries where the toy bunny keeps on going and going…….and going…??


It’s hardly surprising.

My Mum and Dad are Energiser Bunnies too.

They are over 70 and they literally run- all day everyday.


I get exhausted just watching them….



Our family mantra was:


“Don’t just sit there- do something!”



Even “relaxing” always involved something active, something physical or something productive.


But I’ve stopped.



I didn’t run out of charge this time.

I simply made a decision to take out my batteries.

To lay them aside and just sit.


I decided to go all Buddha and find a new mantra:



“Don’t just do something- sit there!”



It’s taken me a while.


And lots of practice.


But I’ve stopped.


Now, where possible, I measure each step.


I choose what I do.


I do one thing at a time.


They call it mindfulness.



I went walking the other day with a friend.


She left me behind.


She was bouncing with energy to stride up the path- the same path she takes most days up past a beautiful mountain stream surrounded by trees.

It was stunning.


I kept stopping.


“Look at those autumn leaves!”


“Oh listen to that! What is that bird?”


“How clear is that water? Look at those pebbles…”


“What kind of plant is this one?”


“Feel these red seeds- they’re so smooth!”


I stopped to take photos- lots of photos.

Not all of them with a camera…..


My friend sighed in exasperation. She was here to walk godammit! She complained that walking with me was like doing a ‘vipassana walk ’ – a meditation walk.



Hmmm, I’m happy to own that….



She couldn’t believe that I could dawdle and call it walking.


I couldn’t believe she could walk the same path each day and not see any of it….



The world is full of Energiser Bunnies, all rushing through life in a frenzy of “busy”.


What is the hurry do you think?


Where is it they are going?


And how they will know when they’ve got there….



I wonder how many will ever take a moment to ask themselves these questions….




As for me, I know there are going to be times when I’ll need my fast shoes on….

But generally, I’m happy to ‘vipassana walk’ my way through life from now on and when someone looks at me sideways and comments on my lack of “doing” – I’ll take it as a compliment!


And when I’m not “doing,” I’m happy to just sit… :)

Will you make me cluck like a chicken?

“Will you make me cluck like chicken?”

I’ve heard that line a couple of times lately!

There is a lot of misinformation and a lot of unfounded fear out there about hypnosis-I know, because I used to have some pretty interesting views on it too, especially with all of those “over the top” stage shows.

A common question I get asked is “What does hypnosis actually feel like?” So I thought today I would talk about how hypnosis feels to me.

(What is important to remember here, is that everybody experiences hypnosis differently. This simply reflects my experience and that relayed back by the people I work with.)

Ever been “in the zone?” You know, when you are so engrossed in something enjoyable that you totally lose track of the outside world and the passing of time… When you feel completely relaxed, comfortable and at peace with yourself? (Getting lost in a good book, walking, daydreaming, or out making things in the shed….) Well, that’s essentially what hypnosis feels like for me. When you’re doing something but it is so easy and effortless that it’s almost like you’re not there….even though you know you are.

I remember my first hypnosis course in 2007. I was convinced I couldn’t be hypnotised and that no way was anyone going to control my mind! Well, not only was I good at “being hypnotised” but I quickly learned that I had full awareness and control of my own mind. I knew I could take on or reject anything that was suggested to me. I knew I had total choice and also an awareness of the choices I was making.

Hypnosis is a complete paradox-a sense of total and complete relaxation whilst at the same time being almost hyper-aware and alert. It’s almost like you are operating at two or more different levels and you actually get to observe the part of yourself which normally remains hidden. You sort of get to be yourself and see yourself all at the same time which is absolutely fascinating! (Ernst Hilgard described it as “the Hidden Observer.”) It’s almost as if your conscious mind gets to listen, analyse, rationalise and “think” while the unconscious mind-the other part of you-just gets on with the job of doing what it needs to do-of putting the puzzle pieces together.

The therapist/ hypnotist’s role is to offer suggestions and possibilities that move you towards something better, something more useful and effective. In your heightened state of awareness and relaxation you get to examine each of these instantly, assess their relevance, tailor them to suit your own needs, decide which are important or less important, take on board and keep those which are useful and helpful in some way and reject anything that is not -without any emotional charge.

Hypnosis is the ultimate being in the now. For me it is like meditation. A time of shutting down the noise and the chaos and allowing in the quiet, the peace and stillness by directing all of your focus in the one place using your own imagination. Time Out From Time without actually going anywhere! Of using the power of your own selective attention to focus on something that is useful and beneficial for you.

Which, for most of us (let’s face it), is probably not clucking like a chicken!

Time out from time.

I packed my swag and went bush. Jumped in the four-wheel-drive and headed west leaving behind all of the urgent stuff, the important stuff, the have-tos and the must-dos.

No phone coverage, no internet, no busy-ness.

Time out…..

Tucked in behind the sandhills.

Ancient melaleuca and mallee.

Woodsmoke and freshly caught fish.

Reading. Thinking. Sitting.

Indulging in the family tradition of spotting animal shapes in the coals of the campfire for hours on end.

A full moon and a gazillion stars.

Eerie call of the nightjar and the high-pitched bark of a fox….

How often do we put off “time-out” because we don’t have time?

Because it is not convenient?

Because there are too many other things that we have to do?

Because we can’t “afford” the time?

It is when life is at its busiest, when time-out seems least possible, that we most need to make it happen.

To step out of our busy everyday existence, to stop, to reconnect and to breathe. To rest and recharge and to shift everything back into some sort of internal equilibrium.

To simply just be…

(Trust me, the world does not stop if you do……!)

So, it’s worth the effort, the disruption, the plain old inconvenience to simply step outside of our busy everyday lives and give ourselves one of the greatest gifts of all-time…..

Time to simply stop and be.

Make it happen….after all, you deserve it!