Knowing vs. Doing

All right, I’m going to get really personal and vulnerable today…

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have been locked in a passionate love affair for many years……

with “learning.”

I love to learn new things. I devour books and attend courses. I am always looking for new things, the unusual and the unfamiliar. When I find something interesting I have a curiosity and a passion to know more. Let’s face it, I am hooked, I am addicted. I can stand before you now, look you squarely in the face and admit it- I am a serial learner…

“What’s wrong with that?”,  you may well ask. Well, it has its good points and its bad ones. On the good side, my world continues to grow and expand and so do I. It keeps the neural pathways in my brain plastic and malleable. It allows me to embrace new ideas and to remain flexible in my thinking.(Well mostly…) And it gives me passion and drive.

On the negative side, it can become a bit of an excuse that feeds my self-doubt. You know, the old “I’m not quite ready yet…” excuse. In other words I get into a cycle that involves more “knowing” than “doing”….

The old “I’ll be ready when I know just a bit more about….then I’ll be able to…”

The trouble is, I get into a cycle of never actually starting anything because I just have to know a little more first…. So, “learning more” actually becomes part of the procrastination process, a big fat excuse about why have I actually haven’t started yet.


“To know and not to do, is not to know.”

(Chinese proverb)


So, that’s part of the reason why I started this website.

To stop simply just knowing and to start some actual doing.

To put my money where my mouth is, so to speak!

(Whoa, how’s that for an unconscious link- I have just phoned up and booked in with the dentist-finally!)

So here’s a challenge for you: what’s something you’ve been putting off starting or making big fat excuses about? Come on, be honest-what’s that really scary thing you’ve been putting off and putting off….. Yep, that’s the one!


Why are you still sitting here? Get off your bum and go do it!! :)