Time out from time.

I packed my swag and went bush. Jumped in the four-wheel-drive and headed west leaving behind all of the urgent stuff, the important stuff, the have-tos and the must-dos.

No phone coverage, no internet, no busy-ness.

Time out…..

Tucked in behind the sandhills.

Ancient melaleuca and mallee.

Woodsmoke and freshly caught fish.

Reading. Thinking. Sitting.

Indulging in the family tradition of spotting animal shapes in the coals of the campfire for hours on end.

A full moon and a gazillion stars.

Eerie call of the nightjar and the high-pitched bark of a fox….

How often do we put off “time-out” because we don’t have time?

Because it is not convenient?

Because there are too many other things that we have to do?

Because we can’t “afford” the time?

It is when life is at its busiest, when time-out seems least possible, that we most need to make it happen.

To step out of our busy everyday existence, to stop, to reconnect and to breathe. To rest and recharge and to shift everything back into some sort of internal equilibrium.

To simply just be…

(Trust me, the world does not stop if you do……!)

So, it’s worth the effort, the disruption, the plain old inconvenience to simply step outside of our busy everyday lives and give ourselves one of the greatest gifts of all-time…..

Time to simply stop and be.

Make it happen….after all, you deserve it!


4 thoughts on “Time out from time.

  1. Wise words from a wise woman!! I think I need to read this every single day and act upon it as my new mantra, “to simply just be” and to acknowledge that the world won’t stop if I do!!

  2. Excellent post and very “timely” – excuse the pun. Someone told me years ago that the world would keep turning if I took a day off work to recuperate. She was right! It’s so easy to get fooled into thinking we’re so important and what we do is so important that we can’t take time off and stop for a breather. Time out is crucial. Thanks for the reminder and for putting it so beautifully.

  3. Thank you and how wonderful to hear from you! It’s funny how the most important things are often the most simple things. Enjoy your daily “time-outs”, take that deep breath and “just be….”(and always remember the “I deserve it” bit!) x

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