What If That Challenge Is Just What You Need?

What if everything that happened in your life- the good and the bad- was a gift? A wrapped gift created and packaged especially for you, individually tailored to meet your needs and to give to you what you most need in this lifetime?

Maybe the gift was a learning, a new awareness.

Maybe it was the opportunity to let something go in order to allow space for something new to bloom and flourish.

Maybe it was a possibility, a chance to step through a door you didn’t even know existed.

Perhaps it was the chance to resolve an old issue, to finally heal an old wound.

Or maybe it was a reminder, a chance to see with fresh eyes and remember what’s really important in life.

It may have been an opportunity to experience something new.

Or maybe the chance for you to discover something important. A hidden resource you didn’t even know was there. Inner strength, courage or compassion perhaps? Something that had been waiting a long time to see the light of day.

Maybe it was a reminder of the necessary duality of existence. A reminder that things only have meaning from knowing their opposite. Good / bad, happiness / sadness, dark / light. We have to experience one to know the other.

Perhaps it was simply to gain that little bit more wisdom. To grow a little wiser, both for yourself and for humanity.

Maybe it was a choice point, a reminder that we don’t have control over all that happens in life, only in our response to those situations.

Or maybe it was a simple reminder to follow your own truth, no matter the cost.

What if you simply considered the possibility that every moment carries a gift…

4 thoughts on “What If That Challenge Is Just What You Need?

  1. “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” Lao Tzu
    Yes, challenges are here to test our nerve. Shall we step over that line and experience something “painful” in order to experience more, better ourselves, enjoy excitement in life and be willing to extrude ourselves from that cocoon using the struggle as strength and character building in the effort to be released? Or are we too afraid and step back into comfortable. Sometimes is seems easier but another quote. “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” – Beverly Sills (1929-2007)

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