What Is Truth?


Truth is a funny thing.

It seems to be as malleable as plasticine, able to be bent and twisted into any shape we require. What is true one day can be found in the bottom of the trash bin the next. Truths we’ve held dear and built lives upon can come tumbling down like a house of cards with a mere puff of wind. A truth that seems as solid as rock can turn to dust beneath our feet.

So, how do we know what’s true and what’s not?

Quite often we believe something is “true” simply because it is convenient to do so. This “truth” fits our agenda and serves us in some way. It aligns with our story about ourselves and about others. It matches up with what we expect from ourselves or others.

We literally pick and choose our truths, keeping what fits and doubting or dismissing what doesn’t.

If I like you and respect you I will be far more receptive to believing the good things I hear about you. If I dislike or resent you at some level then I am more than happy to believe the negative things I hear. I am literally the one who decides what’s true when it comes to you!

We love congruency.

When we find a truth that matches our beliefs we are more likely to take it at face value. We are also much less likely to question its veracity.

These truths are the handy bits of evidence we collect to justify and defend our own belief systems, our own thoughts and our own actions.

Blind acceptance of truths, whether they originate from our own minds or are collected from others, can keep us limited. They can lead us down the narrow paths of negativity. They may also result in us becoming blind to the obvious.

So, what truths are you collecting and exactly how “true” are they?

How are they impacting on your happiness, your health, your relationships and your actions?

When was the last time you looked at your Truth Collection and did a stocktake?

Maybe the next time you notice yourself making an assumption and stamping it TRUE or acting upon an old habitual truth you’ve believed forever, you may like to ask yourself that one simple question:

How do I know this is 100% true?

And how would things change if you couldn’t be sure….







I would absolutely love to hear any thoughts, suggestions or questions you may have. Thanks!